Snake in the Garden of Eden

In this ideal Garden there is evil lurking about in the person of the snake who represents the devil whispering in Eve’s ear enticing her to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

Hollis providing the suggestion and means to rigging the votes in Defiance

A snake is someone who you think is sincere and really nice, but then turns out to be a BACKSTABBER or a worthless, treacherous fellow

a. Jake which rhymes with snake, no doubt is one of them. At least a double agent, he pretends to be doing a favour for Fitz and moves in on the love of his life.

b. Hollis’ daughter, Maebelle, showed herself to be the literal spawn of the devil.

Synonymous to cheating in a boardgame, or hacking in a video game

No doubt Hollis is here too as in election rigging indeed the entire DC5

noun: a term that was used in the 1950s and 1960s by gents on Skid Row for the delirium tremens, which are sometimes fatal. It probably referred to the illusion that things were moving when they were not and the feeling that your skin was crawling away.

Fitz in the last 10 months would be seeing a feeling a lot of these. 

An insidious enemy as in Snake in the grass

The still unknown character played by Joe Morton and others.

verb : to wind to make one’s course in the manner of a snake

Mellie and Cyrus as they play their little games of one upmanship and circle Fitz trying to get into his goo books

The show as its writers makes the narrative twist, turn and lie in wait for the unsuspecting audience who once again jump and shout as if one has just stepped on a SNAKE!!!

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